7 Reasons Why Depression Amongst Teenagers Is Common Nowadays


  The one experience that unites parents of teenagers worldwide is grappling with teenage blues. Happy little kids suddenly metamorphose into sulking aliens and refuse to discuss what is going on in their precocious heads; adolescents become conscious of their individuality and start behaving secretively. Though mood swings are part of growing up pangs, parents […]

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How Important Is A Pre-Wedding Diet Plan For You When You Are Looking Forward To A Perfect Wedding Day?


As impressionable adolescents, young girls seem to be the ones most enthralled by older female relatives preparing for an upcoming wedding. Same for me and my barely elder-than-me cousin sister, who were the zealously devoted and starry-eyed spectators of bridal rituals in the extended family. We would park ourselves in the bride-to-be’s house for weeks […]

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