10 Wedding Makeup Secrets Every Bride Should Know

10 Wedding Makeup Secrets Every Bride Should Know


4. Dewy

Dewy looks are delicate and feminine and work very well for brides. The trick is to plan beforehand if it’s going to be a hot or warm day? If the weather is warm and you have coolers blowing around, the air can quickly dehydrate the skin and make the look patchy.  

5. Pop

Pick one feature to pop up in a look. A good guide is to go nude if your eyes are smokey or dark highlighted. In the reverse, if you want your lips to do the talking, down light the eyes with just a dash of shine in the inner corners.

6. Hairdo

One can have any type of hair do with the right wigs, extensions and add-on pieces. Plan a different hairdo for all occasions, from princess plaids to high sophisticated buns, to feminine curls. Matching the hair colours beforehand will save you a ton of time, stress and work on the D-day.

7. Hydration before make up

This is the most critical part of any makeup. A well-hydrated skin makes the best canvas for any type of makeup. Kick start your skin care at least 6 months ahead of time and pay special attention to detox and hydration.


8. Airbrush

Try an airbrushed look for a morning ceremony. This gives a very smooth finish and with the right artist doing it well, it looks radiant and flawless.

9. Lip gloss on cheeks

This trick gives a very nice subtle glow to the face. It’s a Bobby Brown secret that is being used in runways around the world.

10. Removal

Spend some time before the ceremonies start in learning how to remove makeup. This is often overlooked but is very crucial. If the makeup is removed without a proper cleanse it can clog up pores leading to a zit before the last of the ceremonies. Removing eye makeup without a proper eye makeup remover and poor technique can stress the delicate eye area, leaving your eyes swollen and puffy. With many ceremonies stacked up, makeup removal is as important as hydration, as relaxed skin makes the makeup look even better.

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