About Grow

About Grow

India wants health answers? We have them!

Welcome to Grow – the answer to your questions about food, sleep, exercise and everything you need to keep staying healthy fun.

India today is a more affluent country, yet with the trappings of wealth comes the unsavory spectre of lifestyle disease. Most of us have had an encounter with the doctor where we’ve been told to sleep better, lose weight or get more exercise.  When we turn to the internet or the pricey nutritionist, we just get platitudes and useless advice that works for a while but in the end leaves us more unhappy than ever before.

So should we trust our “inner nutritional instinct” or restrict our calories? Should we eat fruit or avoid it? What about green tea? We understand that Kareena Kapoor might have lost weight by eating momos and dry fruit laddoos, but what about us ?

Grow is a start-up based out of Bangalore. We are a group of nutritionists, food technologists, counselors, technologists and product people who want to use the power of the mobile to make health a daily habit.  We have all had our struggles with health and now we feel passionate about sharing our lessons.

(P.S. All of these people were huge and unhealthy before they joined us. They look good now.)

Why is Grow a better solution?

  • Grow is free and always will be. We want to remove all the friction between our customers and their happier, healthier selves.
  • Grow’s answers work for Indians! Our solutions are experiment-driven. Yes! You heard right – we’re not telling you academic %$#& from a textbook but doing our own experiments with real food and real people. All of our recommendations and life lessons are totally actionable.
  • Grow is available on your mobile. You don’t have to drag yourself across town and wait a further 45 minutes for the privilege of paying several thousand rupees. You can ping our nutritionist or counselor anytime.
  • Grow puts a team to work for you. We understand that most health concerns are not uni-dimensional. We have therapists, medical doctors, nutritionists, sleep experts, fertility experts and many more just to serve you. You are our superstar.

We can’t wait to speak with you. Go ahead and download our apps:

  • Grow Fit –  to manage your weight
  • Grow Self – to get clarity
  • Grow Chef – for delicious food

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