How Can You Help a Loved One in Distress

How Can You Help a Loved One in Distress

Psychological First Aid

This is where psychological first aid comes in; learning how to support those in distress. No matter who we are, we all need to know what psychological first aid is and how we can implement it in our lives and in the lives of those who need our help and support.

What is Psychological First Aid?

To put it simply, it is support and assistance given to fellow human beings who recently suffered a serious stressor. It is when we talk less and listen more; it’s not about what you can say, it’s about giving space to the person who needs to talk. As a matter of fact, support can be given even by remaining silent yourself or just allowing the other person to remain silent. They might not want to talk and we must respect it. It is aiming to help them remain calm in the hour of distress.

Psychological First Aid is not limited to just professionals. Anyone can provide support and assistance to anyone. It is not counselling, it is not something that requires a solution and we need to keep in mind that it is also not about pressuring people to tell you their story. All that is needed for you to provide support is to be present and patient.

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