Exercises To Help Lose That Belly Fat

Exercises To Help Lose That Belly Fat

Belly fat has become one of the major issues with professionals who spend 8-10 hours sitting on the desk in front of the computer. Are you facing the same issue? Do you have sleepless nights when you realize that you no longer fit into your trousers? It’s almost a high-intensity trauma situation!

But you just don’t lose belly fat with diet. It is with a combination of balanced diet and exercise regime that can help you to lose weight. So if you are facing the issue of stubborn belly fat, but you are not exercising or watching your diet – now is the right time to do it.

Below we have shortlisted few exercises which would work the best in helping you lose belly fat. The images make it easier to understand how the body posture needs to be maintained

1. Crunches

Crunches are the most common and well-known exercise to burn belly fat. If they are done correctly, it does give you flat belly in a couple of weeks. As you can see in the image, you have to lie down with your thighs perpendicular to your resting body and get up and count your number of repetitions.

It is very important that you know what exactly you are not supposed to do.

  1. Make sure that you tuck your tummy in before you start crunching.
  2. Keep your chin a little tilted to avoid neck injury
  3. Keep your leg muscle relaxed when you do crunches.
  4. Do not forget to breathe in when you lie on back and to breathe out when you pull your body up

Exercises to Help Lose Belly Fat | Weight Loss | Grow Fit Blog


2. Side Crunches

This exercise especially helps you to get rid of your love handles. Lie down on your back. Keep your knee folded with feet on the floor. Now keep your hands to your back on the head. With your right elbow, reach up to your left knee and vice versa. This helps to strengthen your core and belly muscles.

Exercises to Help Lose Belly Fat | Weight Loss | Grow Fit Blog


3. Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back with hands on the side. Then lift your legs from your tailbone and hold it for 3-4 seconds. Keep repeating the repetitions. Start with 15 reps a day. Do this at least 5 days a week.

Lie on your back and put your legs straight up in the air. You can even cross your legs at the ankles. Bend your knees slightly. Nor try to lift up your head and try to touch your toes with your fingers. Hold there for 5 seconds and repeat. There are many more variations in crunches. People try to make their own variations also as they get expertise in doing them over years.

Exercises to Help Lose Belly Fat | Weight Loss | Grow Fit Blog


4. Planks

These are three different positions of planks. First, you need to get down in push up position. Now make sure that you rest your forearms on the ground and put all your weight on forearms and not on your palm. From the shoulder to the ankle it should be a straight line. That will be the correct posture.

There are many variations in planks like we have in crunches. Variations are basically added to give your body constant challenge and push to lose that belly fat.

Exercises to Help Lose Belly Fat | Weight Loss | Grow Fit Blog


5. Side Bends

Stand straight with some distance between your feet. Keep your arm on the waist and the other arm straight up. Now bend on sideways. Make sure that you are not leaning forward or backward. Hold each position for 5 seconds. Start with 20 repetitions of each side. To increase the difficulty of the levels, you can hold a weight/ dumbbell and do this exercise as well.

Exercises to Help Lose Belly Fat | Weight Loss | Grow Fit Blog


Apart from these core exercises, we have cardio exercise, which also helps to lose belly fat at reasonably good speed.

6. Walking: Regular walks with high intensity also help in losing belly fat. When you walk, make sure you are breathing deep and not diverted or distracted with the phone or any conversation. Recording time and how many steps you make in that time will also help you to record your intensity of walk. Walking has been a first step to lose body fat

7. Running/ Jogging: Running is possible once you have reached that high intensity of walking that you can’t go further than. So after reaching that stage, you start running. By doing this you challenge your body further to lose weight.

8. Cycling: Cycling is also the best cardiovascular exercise. It has been proven that cycling helps in losing weight over decades and decades. Now there is triathlon initiated to make sure that people once again start cycling as a hobby which will help them to overcome the sedentary lifestyle and burn some fat.

9. Swimming: Swimming is an all-around activity. It keeps heart rate maximum throughout the activity at the same time relaxes your stressed body. While swimming all your body parts are used and hence there are many muscles working to lose fat.

As the first step to lose belly fat, start doing the above exercises. It will take 20-25 minutes to do 15-20 reps of each exercise. As you get used to 20-25 minutes of work out, then you work on increasing the repetitions from 20 to 30 and so on. And then at a later stage, you can think of adding variations in all exercises to increase the difficulty levels.

More uncomfortable you are while doing exercise, more pressure it creates, and the more fat you lose. Sometimes being uncomfortable can be because of the wrong pressure also. So be careful that your postures are right to prevent any kind of injuries.

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