Lighter Underarms In Less Than 3 Weeks by Rubina Guleria, Cosmetology Expert

Lighter Underarms In Less Than 3 Weeks by Rubina Guleria, Cosmetology Expert

Here’s help for lightening dark underarms:

Packs: As ridiculous as this treatment is going to be, what with you standing with your arms up in the air, these ingredients go deep and help a ton. Our top two picks are:

Lemon, besan and milk. Lemon bleaches naturally, milk has lactic compounds that help lighten skin and besan helps in softening with a gentle scrub. (1:2:1- L/B/M)

Potato parking. Parking a thin slice of juicy potato for about 5-10 minutes on your underarms helps lighten the area dramatically. Wondering why parking? Do the thing of going backwards, forwards, sideways and around with the potato slice covering the entire area and rest it dead centre on the most pigmented area. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Scrubs: Scrubs help by removing dead skin build up and encouraging the skin to regenerate faster. Resultantly, you get smoother, softer skin. Our top two picks are:

Lemon, sugar and jojoba oil. Lemon bleaches naturally, sugar is a humectant and deeply moisturising, jojoba oil is the closest in pH to natural body oils which prevents the skin from going into hyper mode (which results in hyper-pigmentation!). Use very fine grain sugar  with enough juice of lemon and jojoba oil to make wet sand consistency. Gently scrub the area for 5 minutes in a circular motion and wash off with warm water. Deodorant use post a scrub might sting a little as the dead skin build-up has been removed and fresh new cells are up on the surface. Sometimes, however, the deo can cause a lot of irritation post a scrub. You might want to wait a few hours before using it. (Using the scrub before bed is smarter!)

Drinks: Hydrating your body is key to keeping skin supple and healthy. Drinking lemon juice helps keep inflammation in the body down by maintaining a healthy pH balance within. This prevents the skin from going into hyper mode all through the day. Go slow on the alcohol, sweet drinks and energy boosters. Swapping these for lemon juice spiked water, or nimbu paani is an indulgence worth giving to ourselves.

Now to say bye bye, lift those arms high, upright.



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