A Polluted Face: How Pollution is Showing Up on Your Skin

A Polluted Face: How Pollution is Showing Up on Your Skin


Just what is pollution!?

Our environment is dense with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other harmless natural gasses. With increasing traffic and industries there are effluents that get added to the mix. These effluents have various types of harmful gases and particulate materials that are extremely toxic. Scientific studies are now showing that pollution accelerates skin ageing by almost 20%! Some of the rogue pollutants are:

1. Quinones not only prematurely age the skin but they are also thought to be a driving force behind pigmentation.

2. Traffic effusion includes particles called PMs, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and extremely damaging chemicals like Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

3. Noise pollution.

Seriously, this stuff ages me? Yes, and it damages.

“We normally lose about 100-200 telomere bases with each cell division and when you add psychological stress to the formula, you lose the telomere bases more rapidly, and telomere shortening leads to premature ageing,” Dr. Draelos says.


In a cyclical way:

1. These agents get absorbed into the skin and create internal inflammation.

2. Internal inflammation sets our body to respond by going into hyper active mode and over producing melanocytes or melanin that protects our skin from damage.

3. Over active melanocytes create more than needed pigment. Excessive pigment shows up as sun spots or melasma.

4. The absorption of these chemicals can also make our blood vessels grow resulting in facial redness and even rosacea.

5. As the skin fights back by getting into repair mode, it excites enzymes which re-adsorb damaged collagen. In chronic inflammation, these enzymes remove more collagen than what our skin can create. This makes the skin lose its laxity and fine wrinkles and lines become prominent.

So, is there any hope?

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