Ultimate Guide For Brides To Lose Weight Without Starving

Ultimate Guide For Brides To Lose Weight Without Starving


4. Eat mindfully

 Be aware of what you eat and how much. You may be a moderate eater, and always eat keeping the rules of eating in mind, like eating smaller portions and avoiding sweets and high-calorie fried foods, but emotional eating may affect even the people who are most careful about their food. Your wedding is coming up and you are in a blissful state of mind. Your friends and relatives are very happy too, and how do they express their happiness? With food, of course. You and your fiancé will probably be invited by relatives to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. And of course, there is the pre-wedding bachelorette party and the various other festivities that precede a wedding. It is easy to forget and over-eat when there is so much feasting and good feeling all around.

The best way to avoid eating too much outside is to firstly, eat a good breakfast and secondly, eat a portion of some healthy and filling snack before heading out for the parties. By eating a good breakfast, you ensure that your body is fuelled early in the day so that you are energised and do not feel the hunger pangs later in the day and make unhealthy food choices. You are not worn out by the end of the day and still have energy enough to go and complete your daily round of exercise. Eating at home before heading out for parties or for invitations ensures that you are partially full and are not tempted to stuff yourself on the calorie-filled snacks that your hosts have laid out. Another way of keeping yourself on track with your eating is to get yourself a buddy. It can be a friend or cousin who you can share your weight loss and food goals and who can support you in your efforts. When you feel that you are accountable to someone, it is always easier to stick to your goals.

Keep an emergency snack like an apple or a granola bar with you in case hunger pangs strike during the day.

5. Get enough sleep

Excitement may be keeping you awake at night but it is very important to get a good night’s sleep. Too little sleep can stall weight loss and indeed, with less sleep in the night you may start piling on the kilos. When you sleep less than the optimum hours, at least 7.5 hours every night, you have less energy the next day and may feel like skipping your exercise hour. Or you may find yourself drinking too much sugary coffee. Also, less sleep interferes with the balance of the hunger hormones which tell us when to eat and when to stop.  All these factors can add up and go against you when you are trying to get in shape.

6. Avoid stress

Planning a wedding even if you are not doing it all by yourself is always a cause for stress. From deciding on the trousseau and jewellery, food and venue to managing relatives, there is enough stress to make you feel anxious. It is important not to let yourself get too worked up. Stress too can make you overeat and in this way, can hinder weight loss. The stress hormone cortisol has been known to be the cause of larger waistlines. So, if you are feeling stressed in the run up to the wedding, then do not skip your exercise. Exercise lowers stress level in people by releasing dopamine. Some meditation and yoga too can help in keeping stress levels in check.



7. Limit alcohol

Everyone may want to toast the bride, but you as the bride would be wise to abstain from alcohol after the first drink. Alcohol itself is full of calories which the liver needs to work hard to get rid of. Moreover, too much of it may lower inhibitions and make you forget to watch your food intake. So, it is a double jeopardy when it comes to weight loss.

8. Befriend your tailor

Select your wedding outfit well in advance and have everything stitched and ready. Your tailor and stylist can suggest designs that flatter you and can make you look slimmer. Although you have worked hard to get the perfect figure, a little illusion will certainly not hurt. If you try on the outfit early, you will know how you look and that will boost your confidence. Then if any alterations are required around the wedding day, it can be done quickly.

The most important thing, however, is to enjoy the time before the wedding. Remember to have fun while planning the wedding, be it picking up the coordinated outfits, or deciding the menu. While doing this, if you miss one session at the gym or eat too much during one meal don’t worry too much about it. If you are regular in your habits, then one piece of cake, an extra glass of wine or one day away from the gym will not matter in the long run. Just make sure to get back to your routine the next day as usual. If you begin early and follow through with your weight loss and beauty program, then on the day of the ceremony you are sure to be the radiant bride that you always wanted to be.

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